Problem to tex

A latex problem can be easily created with parameter inputs which are randomly chosen from a set of values. The solution is automatically generated for the new parameters and SI-prefixes are done automatically.

An example basic02.prb file is the following:

\runParam{V_1 = [2, 3, 4, 5]# \paramUnits{V}}
\runParam{R_1 = [6, 7, 8, 9]# \paramUnits{k \Omega}}
\question Given \val={V_1} and \val={R_1}, find the current $I_R = V_1/R_1$\\

Running this .prb file through latex, the following pdf is generated:

LTSpice figures can be included in the problems with varying parameters in LTSpice figures

For more info, see Documentation


The above basic example can be found within the zip file: testBasic.zip
- The pdf for this basic example is here: basic.pdf

A full final exam example can be found within the zip file: testComplete.zip
This exam has many schematics, is fully parameterized and the solution is automatically updated as the parameters are changed. Note that the graph for question 6 is also automatically updated by using tikzpicture within Latex.
- The pdf for this exam is here: ece331_final_2019.pdf