Installation and Setup

You can set your system up for either manual mode or an integrated setup.

Manual Mode

You run the commands from the command line. This is a useful approach if you want to use Latex in the cloud (such as with Overleaf.com) and you don't want to install Latex in your system.

Integrated Setup

When you compile your latex code, icemaker and inkscape will automatically update the appropriate files. This way, you can easily include figures in your latex document and make changes to the figures, recompile and everything is updated.

Setting PATH for command line access

In both manual mode and integrated setup, you will need add to your PATH the directories where the executable code is for both Inkscape and Icemaker. This will allow calling Inkscape and Icemaker from anywhere in your system.

Information on how to set your PATH is below

  • Windows: adding to PATH in windows 10
  • MacOS: adding to PATH in MacOS
  • Linux: adding to PATH in Linux
  • Install Inkscape

    The best way to include an svg file into Latex is by using Inkscape

  • Install Inkscape
  • You should be using Inkscape version 1.0 or above.
    (versions below 1.0 have issues with exporting for latex)

  • Add the folder (that holds the executable inkscape code) to your PATH so that inkscape is easily found when called from the command line.
  • Test that it works by running "inkscape --help" in any directory.
  • Install LTSpice

  • Install LTSpice

  • You can use LTSpice with its built in symbols but it is suggested you add an svg library to improve the schematic drawing experience.

  • Install svg library for LTSpice: svg.zip
  • Install the symbols in the LTSpice symbol directory

  • - For Windows ... typically in C:"user"\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\sym\svg (svg is the new added directory)
    - For MAC ... typically in "user"/Library/ApplicationSupport/LTspice/lib/sym/svg (svg is the new added directory)

    Install Icemaker

  • Download the appropriate zip file for your operating system
  • Windows(64 bit): icemakerWin64_200805.zip
    Windows(32 bit): icemakerWin32_200805.zip
    MacOS (64 bit): icemakerMacOS64_200805.zip
    Linux (64 bit): icemakerLinux64_200805.zip

  • Unzip zip file
  • Copy icemaker file to directory where you want it installed (typical directories shown below)
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\
    MacOS/Linux: /usr/local/bin

  • Test that it is installed correctly and the PATH has been updated: run the following command in another terminal window (MacOS/Linux) or another command prompt (Windows)
  • icemaker --help

    Test Manual Setup

  • Download the following LTSpice file: ex01.asc
  • Run the following 2 commands on ex01.asc file:
    icemaker -export=ex01.svg ex01.asc
    inkscape -D --export-filename=ex01.pdf --export-latex ex01.svg

    Include the resulting .pdf_tex file using \input into your latex document

    Test Integrated Setup

  • Add --shell-escape flag when calling Latex (and/or pdflatex)
  • For example, in texmaker, this flag can be added in preferences as
    "/Library/TeX/texbin/latex" --shell-escape -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex
    "/Library/TeX/texbin/pdflatex" -synctex=1 --shell-escape -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

    the "--shell-escape" flag is required so that Latex can call a command line app

  • Download the following example: FigureAsc.zip
  • Unzip and open the latex example: figureAsc.tex
  • Delete all the files in the tmp directory and rebuild the latex example
  • In this example, one LTSpice figure is included into a latex document. The LTSpice figure is automatically converted to an svg file (using icemaker) and then the svg file is included (using inkscape). You should be able to delete all the files in the tmp directory and when run again, they should be re-generated automatically.

    Docker Container Setup

    If you are a docker user, you can load a single docker container which contains icemaker, Inkscape and Latex

  • https://github.com/icewire314/latexinkice-docker
  • Source Code

    Source code is available at

  • https://github.com/icewire314/icemaker